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KV Montessori Academy 

Eastlake Chula Vista, CA

We invite you to explore KV Montessori Academy and experience for yourself the joy in the eyes of our students and the pride on the faces of our faculty and staff. We offer a Montessori program, for children ages 2-5 that balances the social and emotional growth of the child with the pursuit of academic excellence. Our classrooms are multi-age with a three-year-cycle that truly benefits children's ability to develop at their own pace, while allowing the relationship with the teacher to flourish.


The goal of our program is to guide your children in their development of independence, self-knowledge, academic discovery and an internal desire for life-long learning. 

school director

School Director..

As the Head of School of KV Montessori Academy, I have the privilege of leading an amazing community of highly educated Montessori professionals. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of educational excellence while partnering with parents to establish a long and lasting relationship that focuses on the needs of the child.


KV Montessori Academy has a boutique-style indoor play village designed to give our children the ability to continue using their imagination and creativity in a healthy and fun indoor playground.

I look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of our family. Contact us for more information.


Norma Chang

Head of School



At KV Montessori Academy our mission is to prepare our children with a strong foundation of education that will guide them to grow and flourish with discipline. Under a safe, nurturing and creative environs; children will be inspired creatively, emotionally and active. 


Our vision is for our school to be recognized as a positive agent of change that benefits our community now and in the future. Creating and maintaining a reachable, durable and accountable Montessori we will impact individually and collectively each person to foster harmony and respect in our life.

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